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Query Iqama Expiry Service Saudi Arabia

Query Iqama Expiry Service is a method which is used to check the expiration Date in Hijri. You can check expiration date in Hijri in 2020.

The expiration date is the finalized date of your identity card means to Say Iqama. Here are the best way to find it.

Follow these Steps To check iqama expiration using Query Iqama Expiry Service.

Step#1: Login to your account in Absher. If you have not then register your account. Follow these points during account registration.

Open Absher website by following this address

Now Click on create account button

Registration forum appear, Fill the forum and click on Next button

After that, Verify your code and register it

Step#2: Open Absher app, Select the Language “English”. Now Login to your account by entering, Iqama Number, Password and code of Image. Now click on log in.

Step#3: My account option appear when to successfully Login in Absher. “Type To search” Box show you. Search iqama expiry in it. “Query” button come. Press this button.

Step#4: Pressing result show you new page. This page is a checking details page. Two box available in this page. The Iqama Number and Image code. Put these things and Press The “View” button.

All details about your iqama expiry or validity come in your front.In this way you can use query method to know your status of Iqama. Check about iqama expiry here