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Iqama validity and expiry Date Check 2020

Iqama Validity is also called as iqama expiry date.Essentaily both are same terms and same things but different worker use it accourting to their concept minds set.So in the post I am going to guide you the basic concept and procedure of iqama expiry or validity check.

If iqama validity is end then Government receive fine form of Double fee of the renwal of iqama.Its means that if your iqama fee is1200 sar then you will pay 2400  Sar because the 1200 Sar in the fine. So by and large the fine is double of original fine.

You should necessary to keep the validity date in your mind or write it any safe paper or ckeck it by follow the easy procedure .Mostly worker confornting the issue of  checking it living in the Saudi Arabia.So here I will clarify some simple and  working procedure to check your iqama vailidity or expiry.

How to Check Iqama Validity

Check your iqama validity date or expiry date by following these two latest way.

1: Using Absher Method

2: Using Moi website Method

The one by one information of checking validity with Absher and Moi website accessible below. You can simply check about your full status of iqama by following these steps.

How To Check Iqama Validity With Absher?

Absher site and Absher application has a feature to check iqama validity. But, before checking account make is need. without your absher account, No one can check their informations.

Follow these steps to check iqama Validity

1: Enter in your browser and click to search it.

2:Two main option in homepage appear.”Individuals” and ”Business”.

3: Click on the  Individual option get to the login page.

4: The result of clicking on ”individuals” option leads to login page.

5: The login page find the” New User”.Click on it5.The clicking on ”New user ” button leads to you  in the Registration forum page.

6: In the Registration forum” Mandatory”field option appear.This fieds is very important for registration.

7:Full  this registration forum by filling Mandatory files ” For  Example”.Name, Number, Email, Password, Language and Image Code.

8:After that below this Registration forum the ”Next” option present.So click on the ”Next” option without wasting any time.

9:The verification code send on your number and the new  page shown you as a result of clicking on” Next ” option.

10: Full your Absher account registration by verifiying this code. Now your account is full and your account able to use.

11:Go to play store,download Absher application,Click to  open it.

13:The opening interface contain the”Arabic” language.Click on the”EN” option to change your application Interface”Arabic to English”.

14:Qurey Iqama Expiry option available after searching,Click on it, Enter iqama number, Image captcha code and  click on ”View” option.

Now your iqama expiry date or  iqama validity information come in the front page of your deivce’see it and note it’.

Iqama Validity with Moi  website

The Moi site also give you service to check iqama validity.Follow these step to check using Moi  site.

1:Open and  change  language first.

2:After languages selection click on ,Qurey Iqama Expiry, option that is below the front page of site.

3:After that enter iqama number or passport number and  image  captcha code.

4:Click on ”Veiw” details option and  check all iqama status like the validity. Check iqama expiry and validity all info